Nathan Daniel Philips

Nathan Daniel Philips





Nathan is in eleventh grade when he transfers to North-City Collegiate Institute for the Technological Arts. He is determined to win the school's highly competitive Student Vice President role. Climbing the ladder of school politics, he soon realizes he is out of his depths.

The Cast

Ben Jeffries as Nathan Daniel Philips.

Theo Ahluwalia as Ned.

Karina Matys as Libbie Earl.

Kia Medlock as Green Party.

Henry Murray as Jack Tory.

With Jonah Cantello, Stefan Banjevic, Gaby Milner, Will Gotlib, Alexandra Siklos, Laura Williams, Sydney Pottle, Jamie Marshall, Sammy Gold, Emma Morgan, Kielan Ellis.

The Crew

Directed by Kielan Ellis.

Written by Kielan Ellis, Will Gotlib, and Jack Hillier.

Cinematography by Jack Hillier.

Edited by Will Gotlib.

Produced by Will Gotlib.