Conference Call

Conference Call




Black and White.

Jack O'Connor is a struggling film masters student. Judy Reynolds is heading for her PhD in Norse Mythology. Their love brings a change to their lives, and now they must struggle in balancing their school and their relationship.

The Cast

Kia Medlock as Judy Reynolds.

Ben Jeffries as Jack O'Connor.

Karina Matys as Lexi Lamont.

Will Gotlib as Don Lockwood.

Noah Jacobs as Melvin Leroy.

Patrick Desmond as Kenneth Simpson.

With Jamie Marshall, Nava Wu, Thomas Crookes, Ayala Heled, Cameron Merton, Georgio Tavernati, Colin O'Connors, Melanie Stassis, Stefan Banjevic.

The Crew

Directed by Kielan Ellis.

Written by Kielan Ellis (with Ariana Ellis, Will Gotlib, and Jack Hillier).

Cinematography by Jack Hillier.

Edited by Will Gotlib.

Produced by Chris Carbone, Ariana Ellis, Will Gotlib, and Noah Jacobs.

Music by Kielan Ellis (with Jamie Graham).