Nathan Daniel Philips Returns

Nathan Daniel Philips Returns





After losing the school's Vice Presidential election, Nathan is pulled into the job. Nathan commits himself to his work, but in doing so pushes his friend Ned away. He endures the constant criticisms that come with his new role. Nathan has to deal with the stress, blame, and responsibility of all his actions, and inevitably face all consequences.

The Cast

Ben Jeffries as Nathan Daniel Philips.

Theo Ahluwalia as Ned.

Will Gotlib as Richard Patrick.

Cooper McCrory as Chris Kross.

Peter Wade as Dr. Ted Hayes.

Kia Medlock as Green Party.

With Jonno Pinos, Leni Kneller, Stella Racca, Emma Morgan, Alex Siklos, Ellie Levy, Julia Graham, Sascha Houpt, Kat Jacobson, Itay Heled, Colin O'Connor, Kielan Ellis, Justin Chu, Jori Reiken, Michael Tan, Lena Toth, Vlad Mirel, Zach Reiken, Georgia Cooney, Noah Hunt, Allen Yao, Allison Gray, Cal Clemo, Jonah Cantello, Ace Chou, Karina Matys, Matthew Harvey, Matthew Angell, Jamie Marshall, Jakub Brull, Bella Copeman, Atticus Cabral, Emma Graham, Michael S, Sydney Doweling, Rhea Courante, Samie Chowdhury, Thomas Crookes, Ryan Stainsby, Lukas Antonio, Luka Pila.

The Crew

Directed by Kielan Ellis.

Written by Kielan Ellis and Will Gotlib (with Jack Hillier).

Cinematography by Kielan Ellis and Will Gotlib.

Edited by Will Gotlib.

Produced by Jack Hillier, Will Gotlib, Ben Jeffries, Kevin Bayat, and Noah Jacobs.