A Cold Wind To... Blow The House Down

A Cold Wind To... Blow The House Down





With their relationship on the rocks, David and Emily move to Halifax to catch a break from the pandemic and their monotonous routine. Upon meeting Emily’s best friend Delilah and her local friend Meg, the already shaky groundwork of their relationship starts to fracture.

The Cast

Alex Ef as David.

Ashley Dingwell as Emily.

Bonnie Russell as Delilah.

Kath Burke as Meg.

With Karina Matys, Melody MacNeil, Atticus Morse, Clare Walker, Daniel Azbel, Isabela Cabral, Mariri Campbell, Will Gotlib.

The Crew

Directed by Kielan Ellis.

Written by Kielan Ellis.

Cinematography by Ben Shane.

Edited by Will Gotlib.

Produced by Kielan Ellis and Will Gotlib.