Will and Ben vs Time

Will and Ben vs Time





After both experiencing the worst day of their lives, roommates Will and Ben - one an apathetic law-clerk and the other a failing stand-up comedian - wake up to find a time machine in their apartment, sending them on a chaotic adventure of self-discovery.

The Cast

Will Gotlib as Will.

Ben Jeffries as Ben.

With Matthew Weisberg, Lauren Eden, Peter Wade, Ananta Ferryanto, Daniel Azbel, Kielan Ellis, Josh Edwards, Ben Shane, Erin Piggot, Dani Sadun, Robert Burns.

The Crew

Directed By Kielan Ellis.

Written By Kielan Ellis, Will Gotlib, Jack Hillier and Ben Jeffries.

Cinematography By Jack Hillier.

Edited By Will Gotlib.

Produced By Kielan Ellis, Will Gotlib, Josh Edwards, Richard Gotlib, Jack Hillier, Ben Jeffries.

Sound Design Miles Moser and Aidan Rhody.

Production Sound Mixer Ananta Ferryanto.